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Clinical Pharmacology Services

Our Clinical Pharmacology services are devoted to improving medication use, patient safety, and health outcomes with particular focus on the application of basic pharmacological principles and advanced quantitative and analytical methods, in daily clinical practice. Our services span over a wide range, from the discovery and validation of lead compounds, to therapeutic drug monitoring and effective dose measurements in large clinical trials. Our main objective is to help our clients optimize dosage by increasing safety, maximize benefit and minimize risk associated with the use of a medicine.

Our Clinical Pharmacology services include, but not limited, to:
  1. Pharmacokinetic analyses
  2. Therapeutic drug monitoring (e.g. clozapine plasma levels in patients etc.)
  3. Dosage optimization
  4. Drug-drug interaction evaluation
  5. Preclinical and clinical research trial design
  6. Bioequivalence-Biosimilarity testing of generic drugs
  7. Post-marketing product safety evaluation
  8. Cosmetic product safety reports (EU), including stability tests  
We handle each and everyone one of our projects with confidentiality, devoting all our attention and resources to its full success. Our clients come from various areas including private physicians, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, law firms, consulting firms and research labs and institutions. For more information, please contact us today and request an appointment with an expert.

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